Your Committee

The Halifax College Student Association is run entirely by a committee of volunteers who are elected each year. Elections take place near the end of Term One; if you're interested in getting involved, keep an eye out for them!

If you'd like to contact the Committee, they can be reached at

The Executive

The Executive is made up of six people who manage the day-to-day running of the HCSA Committee, each with a certain responsibility. The president maintains overall responsibility for the HCSA Committee; the treasurer is responsible for ensuring the association remains financially solvent; the secretary is responsible for recording and maintaining minutes of the HCSA Committee's meetings; and the three vice presidents each chair a sub-committee and hold responsibility for the area that their sub-committee covers.

If you'd like to contact the Executive, they can be reached at

Roman Rojik


Max Cogan


Rachel Sanders


Josh Mackenzie

Vice President for Events

Hermione Elderton

Vice President for Welfare

Heloise Vinette

Vice President for Sport

The Committee

If you'd like to contact the Committee as a whole, they can be reached at


Anna Spowage
Environment Officer

Willow Ingleton
Marketing Officer